At my desk chair, where I clock in many hours helping people.

At my desk chair, where I clock in many hours helping people.

Meet Fred Magovern, founder of Just Sherpas.

I was a partner at a web design, web development, content marketing firm for just under two years. When the other partner left due to the explosive growth of his second business, I made a surprising discovery. By using Squarespace, I could build better websites on my own than before when I had a whole team.

(I also am the organizational equivalent of The Wolf from Pulp Fiction. Companies call me in to streamline their digital workflow and train everyone.)

How is that possible? The most common platform - Wordpress - starts you off with something crappy, but you can create anything you can imagine, provided you have the technical ability. Squarespace starts you off with something great, but it's not possible to make radical changes to the design. Unless you're prepared to spend a minimum of $10,000 on your website, it makes way more sense to take advantage of Squarespace.

Why do you need me? You might not need me. Squarespace definitely lowers the threshold of technical ability needed to build great sites. That's why I'm able to do this by myself, when before I needed a whole team and the sites came out worse. For most people, however, a great site is still out of reach on their own, even with Squarespace. Give it a go, and if it doesn't work out, email or call me (917-291-0374). I have also added a team of professionals to my roster: a photographer, graphic designer, and web developer.

What can you expect from me? I always work as fast as possible, even when billing hourly. I'm a perfectionist, so I'll care as much about your site as you will. I always make recommendations based on what's right for the client, not based on what will get me paid the most. For that same reason, I make screencasts to help clients become as independent as possible so they won't have to continue to pay me to maintain their site (although you can if you like). In addition to designing and developing the site, my background qualifies me to help you with your overall strategy and content.

If you've shopped around for a website before, you'll know why these qualities are important. You'll be hard pressed to find trustworthy, native English speakers who communicate clearly and deliver timely, solid results anywhere close to my affordable pricing. On top of that, I genuinely care - ask my clients.